Wurster Process
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Wurster process is the new fluid bed coating range that builds on the proven Umang technology and its benefits.
- Similar design of bottom distribution plate, Nozzle and Wurster ensures that on the process and validation there is no difference to the coating process. - This unique design of bottom plate, nozzle and wurster makes the not only a perfect fluid bed system but also an ideal coating machine.
- The outstanding feature of the Wurster range is the integrated and CIP optimized design.
- Connections, cabling and supplies are completely integrated, covered and sealed so the outside of the machine is smooth and very easy to clean.
- The innovative discharge valve design and optimized seals inside the inlet chamber allows it for CIP.
- As a result of this the our Wurster coater process is highly flexible, quick product changeover increases productivity and cost effectiveness.
- The Wurster process ranges from 1 to 1200 liters featuring through the wall design and movable head, allowing operation with platform and dust-free
  discharging via a linked mill directly into an IBC.
- The Wurster process system can be stand-alone or linked to a high shear mixer for granulation process or to a extrusion spheronization system to form
  a integrated pellet line system.
- UP plate and down plate configuration.
- Uniform coating by Automated spray nozzles.
- Perfect cGMP-design: smooth covering, no external tubing and piping allowing easy cleaning
- Completely integrated full opening side discharge: perfect discharge of difficult products
- Through the wall installation: minimum space required in GMP area
- User-friendly operator-machine interaction via graphical operator panel 12" Industrial PC software with PROCESS + range of software which helps
   interlinking all plant equipments to a single system.
- Flexibility (processes and products) for wet granulation.
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