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Strip Packing Machine are versatile in design and makes it eminently adaptable for packaging a variety of products like Uncoated and coated tablets, soft gelatine capsules, hard gelatine capsules, confectionery products – lozenges, chewing gums toffees, etc., Buttons, pins, ball bearings, rubber and plastic products, electronic components, ball-pen refills etc. Strip Packing Machine have vibratory feed control for higher output with Cartridge type heaters and thermostatic temperature controller suitable for all types of packing materials ensuring air tight leak-proof packing, suitable for almost all heat scalable foils like Paper Poly, Aluminium Poly, Cello Poly, Cellophane, Glassine Poly etc. Strip Packing Machine have Automatic vibration feeding, rollers sealing, vertical and horizontal perforation, embossing, waste material collection, automatic cutting and transporting the strip pack for further packing. Strip Packing Machines are available as GMP models with all contact parts in AISI 316 quality and mild steel/cast iron parts outside cladded with AISI 304 quality stainless steel.

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