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 ETHOCEL™ Premium Ethylcellulose Polymers
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Salient Features
- Colorcon® strives to meet the needs of customers no matter what their formulation needs, and products like ETHOCEL™ enable Colorcon to do so
   because it has ideal properties for use in a number of pharmaceutical applications.
- ETHOCEL™ is among a very small number of water-insoluble polymers that are approved for global pharmaceutical applications and is most
   frequently used in extended release solid dosage formulations.
- It can also be used for extended release multi-particulate coating, micro-encapsulation of actives, taste-masking of bitter actives, solvent and extrusion
   granulation, tablet binding for dry and direct compression and has shown good solubility in organic solvents.
- In addition to being useful in a variety of pharmaceutical applications, ETHOCEL™ also provides formulation flexibility by accommodating a range of
   molecular weights, and can be blended for intermediate viscosities.
- It also features a fine particle (FP) range for use in extended release matrix systems and provides improved lipophilic properties realized by the
   increased surface area.
- This flexibility is further enhanced by the ability to modify release profiles when ETHOCEL™ is used in combination with water-soluble excipients such
   as Colorcon’s METHOCEL™ premium cellulose ethers.
- ETHOCEL™, which has been widely used in the Pharmaceutical industry for over 50 years, is backed by an excellent safety record with global
   compendial acceptance and compliance with the US Food Chemical Codex and is also approved in Europe for dietary supplement use.


   Company : Colorcon Asia Pvt. Limited 
Contact Person: Ms. Shubha Shetty
City: Goa
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