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Salient Features
- "Cleaning In Place" offers fast efficient and reliable cleaning of all types process equipments / skids.
Operational Sequence
- Flushing
- Allkaline cleaning
- Intermediate water rinse
- Acidic cleaning operation
- Final water rinse
- Cycle runs till PH and conductivity of supplied purified water and CIP solution starts equalizing.
- All these cycles are automatically maintained by PLC having display and records.
Types of CIP sytem
- Single pass system
- Recirculation system
- Hot CIP at 60o C (specially used in pharmaceuticals)
SIP System
- It is a method to control microbial growth.
- SIP generally denotes heating the system employing saturated steam under a pressure of approximately 15 psi and at temperature 121 deg C.
- Critical factors insuring reliability of SIP are
- Proper temperature
- The complete replacement of air with steam.
- For large capacity tanks and reactors before maintaining sterilization temperature it is preferable to give pulse of steam so that average temperature
  of whole unit comes to an average value between 106 - 116 deg C. this allows easiness in achieving the sterilization temperature.
- For successful SIP pressurized steam at 121 deg C for 30 to 40 min should be maintained in the unit.
- Automatic monitoring can be done by PLC or electrical based panel.

   Company : Ius Equipments Pvt. Ltd. 
Contact Person: Mr. Jitubhai Parikh
City: Mumbai
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