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Product Posted:Saturday, April 04, 2015
Product Listing Expires:Saturday, March 04, 2017
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 Posted by:rajbarcode
 Contact Person:Mr. Varshil Mehta
 Company Name:Raj Barcode Systems Pvt Ltd
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 Model:LM 408/412e
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Salient Features
- Introducing the LM4e series of thermal printers by SATO.
- With its entry level pricing, the SATO LM4e line of products fit nicely into the budget of every Startup Company, or small business.
- Affordably priced, and yet offering superior performance usually reserved for print solutions costing much more,
- The LM4e printers are a true value for your cost sensitive applications.
- Compliance Labeling
- Asset Tracking
- Retail Labeling
- Cross-Docking
- Shelf Labeling
- Laboratory Labeling
- Shipping/Receiving
- Logistic Tracking
- Pallet Labeling

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