Vibro Sifter
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- The main hopper is directly coupled to the vibratory motor and is subjected to high amplitude vibrations in all three    axis, due to which better sieving
   takes place.
- The hopper is provided with a radial outlet and specially designed 'C'    clamps with gaskets to prevent leakage of the powder.
- It is provided with uniquely designed springs to the periphery to amplify the vibrations for better sieving and at the same time to prevent the vibrations
   from being transferred to the floor.
- Complete unit is mounted on a sturdy structure with castors upto 30 Dia.
- The hopper and the sieves are avialable in S.S. 316 & S.S. 304 quality depending on requirement.
- All non contact parts are made out S.S. 304 quality to suit GMP requirement.
- Non contact parts are also available in M.S. Duly painted for NON GMP applications.   
- The units are also available in double & triple deck options for gradation of the material to two or three different grades.
- The Vibro Shifter is suitable for the separation of granules.
-  Powders and other similar products for the pharmaceutical, chemical, dairy, food, paints, ceramic, rubber, obrasives, plastic, printing ink, petroleum,  
   cosmetics etc. industries It si bases on the gyratory principle and is provided with a single centrally mounted vibratory motor with adjustable eccentric
   loods for different vibration amplitudes
- Low maintenance as lower moving parts compared to the mechanical shifters.
- Lower power consumption due to lower motor HP and better machine design
- Totally enclosed unit so that no dusting takes place.
- The machine is provided with specially designed clamps with single opening and closing operation for ease and flexibility in opening the clamps.
- Multi deck option available to sift more than one particle size at once.
SIZE             MOTOR (H.P.)         OUTPUT (Kgs./Hr.)
12                     0.25                               100-200
20                     0.50                               300-400
30                     0.50                              500-700
36                      0.75                             700-900

48                       1.50                          1300-1500

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