Vibro Sifter
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   Product Description


Salient Features
- Promas™Vibro Sifter is multi layer screening unit to separate mass composition of solids from solids, liquid from solid, and gradation of materials in
   accordance with their shapes & sizes.
- Mostly found useful for the applications in pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food, Drug, Detergent, etc.
- Working Principles Promas™ Vibro Energy Separator is a rigid screening device that vibrates about its centre of mass.
- The central vertical axis being the same, vibration is accomplished by placing eccentric weights on the upper and lower ends of the motor shaft.
- Adjustment of the quantum and relative position of the top and bottom weights permits control of amplitude and material flow patterns as below.
- Circular screen separators are unitized machines, which impart adjustable, multiplane, mechanical, vibrations to the material being processed.
- The basic assembly shown in the drawing consists of no. of interchangeable frames for retention of screen decks & provision of discharge outlets.
- A motion generator (Vibro Motor) with double extension shaft having eccentric variable weights is rigidly mounted to the main screening assembly.
- The assembly is supported on the circular base by specially designed springs, which allow the screen assembly to vibrate freely.
- The controlled vibrations generated by motion generator are isolated completely from heavy structure.
- The isolation of spring from support base results in a self-balancing system, which requires minimum power & avoids mechanical stress.
- Available in Six models:
- 340 mm (12”)
- 1200 mm (48”)
- 50 mm (18”)
- 1500 mm (60”)
- 750 mm (30”)
- 1800 mm (72”)
- Springs amplify vibration leading to reduce electrical power & maintenance.
- The unit can be provided with single deck, double deck or triple deck as per requirements.
- Unique working principle.
- Minimum capital investment.
- Low operating cost.
- Space required is very less compared to output of machine.
- Robust structure.
- Quick & easy screen change.
- Superbly tight screen minimizes screen clogging.
- No Transmitted Vibrations.
- Perfectly designed vibromotor to generate synchronized vibrations to work continuously.
- Choice of various anti-screen blinding devices & innovative solutions to screening problems.
- Adjustable vibration amplitude.
- No special foundation is required.
- Fitting of motor ensures equal distribution of vibrations.
- Specially designed sifters are now available to sieve critical products.
- Available in STD / GMP / cGMP / GAMP / GLP / GCP & Lab Models.
- The special unique features of PromasTM Vibro Sifters
- All the screens are fixed in circular square sectional frame with “Z” type specially designed sealing.
- The mesh is fixed by using jig fixtures, gives maximum tight ness to the screen, thus preventing the screen from sagging.
- No welding or soldering is used for the screen & the frame.
- Solid flanges with groove & “O” ring for perfect sealing so as to avoid the leakage of the fine dust.
- All the sieve joints are Silicon moulded to suit GMP/cGMP standards.
- Operators can be easily trained to fix the screens.
- Magnetic Arrester can be fixed at the outlet to prevent iron particles.
- Unique type quickly openable Vertical Clamp instead of hori zontal clamps & do not require the spanner.


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