Vibro Sifter
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Vibro sifter is a circulatory screening machine widely used by a number of industries for screening a range of pharmaceutical solids or liquids.
-  It is used to separate mass composition of solids, liquid from solid and grading the material as per particles size.
- The process of separating the desired elements and the undesired elements from the combination of solid to solid and solid to liquid material is
   referred as sifting. In process of sifting, the wired mesh, filtration or other distillation methods are used and applied. Sifting process is also used
   for classification of the granulated material by its particle size or for the measurement of size for analytical purpose.
- Vibro sifter consists of a screen / mesh placed on the base plate. The base plate is attached at the center of the gyratory motor. The material fed
   through the inlet located on the top falls on the screen / mesh. The particles smaller than the mesh size passes from the screen and the larger sized
   particles are moved out through an outlet. The combination of vibratory motor and the weights placed on bottom and top of screen results into
   the desired filtration or separation of the material. A vibratory motor with unbalanced weights drives the machine, which can be controlled to vary
   the output. The material is fed into the shifter through the top screen and over sized particles are discharged through an outlet. Vibro shifting
   equipment allows for superior and fast separation of particles, requires minimum maintenance and space.
Product Features
- Available in varied sizes from Standard to GMP Models
- Used for speedy particles separation
- Requires minimum maintenance and less space
- Easy to operate
- Easy to clean and maintain
- Useful for institutional and laboratory purpose.
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