Universal Mixer & Dryer
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Universal Mixer cum Dryer & Blender is ideal, when expensive & low volume products have to be dried, mixed or blended under vacuum or at 
   atmospheric temperature, or comparatively low temperature without any loss of product even in grams during these processes.
- The dryer is also suitable for drying the product maximum up to 850 C under vacuum and with precise control over temperature.
- The unit is suitable for intensive mixing / drying / cooling & homogenizing of paste, slurry, powder or granules.
- High viscous products can be thoroughly mixed because of high speed stirrer & manually / motorized operated mixing baffle by rotating it into the
   opposite direction by jerks.
- The precise control of rotational speed (RPM) of main stirrer gives various parameters for drying, mixing & blending the products.
- After the product is dried, it gets converted into the fine particles which remain inside the bowl due to perfect sealing of all the joints & due to online fine
- Therefore, no dust is observed from outside the bowl and thus it prevents any loss of the high value product.
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Contact Person: Mr. B. B. Gatkal
City: Mumbai
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