Tablet Counting And Filling Machine
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   Product Description

Salient Features
Technical Specifications
- Counting Range : 0 to 1000 per Container
- Operating speed : 2 to 15 bottles per minute (30 count - depend on product in single disc model)
- Compressed air reqd. : 5 to 6kg/cm @ 5CFM (in your scope)
- Conveyor drive : Motor 0.5 H.P 600 kg.
- Automatic Counting machine by highly efficient sophisticated MMI.
- Machine consist counting head, having 3 tracks.
- Digital counting system assures perfect counting.
- Track design as such that no change parts required for different size of products.
- It has been used in Pharmaceutical Industries to pack tablets / capsules in bottles or container.
Working Principles
- A unique machine to count &fill tablet /capsule in plastic /glass bottles in bulk quantity.
- Counting disc gives promised capacity of fill.
- Each disc is designed and manufactured to count coated /uncoated tablets, hard or soft capsule.
- One bottle can be filled at a time through one single -track filler, one set of machine can fill four bottles at the same time which enhances
   the output.
- The rpm varies depending upon the product.
- Delivery chutes direct the product from the counting disc into filler tubes of various sizes to suit different containers.
- Integrated with the filler, under the hopper is the system that provides dust free passage of stocks to the containers.
- The special Dust Extractor system to remove dust particles from the passage to the container and enables efficient and smooth running of
   the disc when uncoated tablets are counted.
- Product is feed on a rotating disc, and is channel in guided opening as per the shape and size of the product for counting & filling.
- As per the count set in the counting MMI unit no. of count is maintained and released by pneumatic closer for the counting and filling operation.
- Product container / Pouch is kept manually at the release end to fill the counted product.
- Suitable to pack all types of products, tablets, capsules and caplets
- Multi-track counting for high production output
- User friendly software
- No container No fill operation
- Micro Processor base highly efficient.
- Very easy to clean
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