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Strip Packing Machine
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Advance technology.
- High speed and uninterrupted performance.
- Low maintenance cost.
- Versatile: Uncoated plain or layered tablets, hard gelatin capsule, lozenges of any shape, coated tablets can be packed. Also granules,
  dragees, sugar cubes, powder, biscuit, chewing gum, toffees, buttons, pins, pencil batteries, small ball bearings & many small components.
- Chute: 2,4,6,8 or 10 tracks as per production needs.
- Sealing roller: Minimum wear & tear. Size 70 mm & 310 mm.
- Cutting mechanism: Very-sharp giving accurate sharp cut edges.
- Operating controls: User friendly, convenient & easy troubleshooting.
- GMP Construction: SS construction.
- Dust collection cup below vibratory bowl.
- Variable speed drive.
- Safety features: Totally enclosed moving parts (acrylic cover).
   General Machinery Company   
Contact Person: Ms. Soni
City: mumbai
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