Solace Engineers - Rapid Mixer Granulator (RMG)
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   Product Description

Salient Feature

- Making The Rounder And Stronger Granules With High Density

- Mixing And Wet Granulation In One Step

- Minimum Batch Time

- Minimum Energy Consumption

- Perfect End Point Detection/Control.

- Fully Leak Proof Operation. Measure Up With cGMP

- PLC Interfaced Binder Feeding, WIP, Auto Powder Loading

- Proper Configuration Of The HSMG Results Best Quality Yields

- Detachable Type Impeller & Chopper Ensure 100% Cleaning

- Minimum Possible Gap Between Bottom Surface And Impeller Ensures No Deposition At Bottom Surface

- No Environmental Problem-Solvent Recovery/Potent Drug Processing

- Heat/Temperature Sensitive Product Can Be Handled Easily

- Inverters (VFD) Are Provided To Control The Impeller & Chopper Speed And To Run The Impeller/Chopper On Proper Tip Speed

- Totally Leak Proof Seal For Both Impeller & Chopper By Means Of Compressed Air Purging Interfaced With PLC

- Intelligent Process Control And Interlock By PLC & Colour Touch Screen HMI With SCADA Network Facility

- Automated Discharge Interlocked & Interfaced With PLC

   Solace Engineers (Mktg) Pvt. Ltd.   
Contact Person: Mr. K. N. Ghosh
Address: A-1, Vijay Industrial Estate, Samiyala
Area: Vadodara-Padra Road
Pin Code: 391410
City: Vadodara
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