Slat Conveyors
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Salinet Features
- Slat chain conveyors are another type of chain conveyor which uses many types of interleaving segments to form a slat type chain of either synthetic
   polymer or stainless steel construction, in either low friction or friction grip styles. 
- They are used in high wear areas often handling individual packets or cans in can filling or bottling operations.
- They are also used extensively in food manufacturing applications. 
- Heavy versions of the slat conveyors are often found in freight handling applications where loads & impact are quite high. 
- Available Widths Nylon, Polyaceti'll, Stainless
- Chain MOC 3.25",4.5",6",7.5"
- Pitch of chain links 1.5"
- Type of Chain Side flexing / Straight
- Motor 220-240 V (delta)/ 380-415 V Y (Star)/50 Hz
- Fixed Speed Min: 1 mts/ min Max: 60 mtrs/min
- Variable Speed With VFD (1 ph. input, 3 ph. output)
- Structure Modular Aluminum / Stainless steel
- Type Flat / Inclined / Curved
Contact Person: Mr.Ketan
City: Pune
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