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Sewing Heads For Conveyor Systems
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   Technical Specifications
Model:  RC-4S
   Product Description

Salient Features
- Revo® RC-4S-Single Needle, Two Thread, Single Double-Chain Stitch Sewing Head RC-4S
- Revo® RC-4 Series are suited perfect for use with conveyor systems handling heavy workload.
- The machines are capable of sewing on materials with thickness up to 15mm, making them ideal for use on heavy and thick materials.
- Revo® RC-4S Series can stitch on all types of bag material such as Jute, Woven HDPE, PP and kraft-wall paper bags.
- Durable construction of Revo® RC-4S Series offers reliable performance for years.
- The oil reservoir provides continuous lubrication to the moving parts inside the machine, ensuring minimum downtime.
- Sharp mechanical cutters are standard in the Revo® RC-4S Series to cut the thread chain after the bag has been securely stitched.
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