Semi Automatic Capsule filling Machine
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   Product Description

Salient Features 
- Integrating Machine, electrical and air, the machine is capable of doing separate operations like feeding, separation, filling and locking.
- The machine and working panel are made of SS which confirms to GMP standards.
- The light touch switches, feeding propeller and filling rotary table can be in automatic run based on preset and frequency speed control.
- Without traditional gearbox, it is simple in structure and easy to maintain. 
- Complete with vacuum pump and air compressor.
- Comes with any one size of capsule change part. 
Automation of Loading station
- This eliminates the need for continuous operator attention as control circuitry provides automatic stoppage of loading table after completion
  of one cycle, each of 60 strokes.
Automation of filling Cycle
- This feature eliminates the need for continuous operator attention.
- Pneumatic swing-in and swing-back by the touch of a button of the drug hopper after one filling cycle results in reduced operator fatigue.
Closing Station
- This process is activated by a press of a paddle which activates a pneumatic cylinder to carry out the closing operation resulting in ease of
  operation and reduced operator fatigue.
Construction of machine

- Overall construction of machine using S.S., aluminium, brass and mild steel with powder coating provides a high level of GMP.
Safety Inter lock
- A safety interlock is provided on the guard for the loading section which provides operator safety.
Choice of variable speeds
- A choice of variable speeds provides flexibility to achieve target weight. This is achieved by having variable frequency drives for both Auger
  and filling table.
Modular type hopper
- The modular type hopper provides easy and fast dismantling for cleaning. Change over times between batches are reduced.
Auxiliary items
- The machine is provided with a dedicated vaccum pump and air compressor.
Technical Specification
- Production Capacity : 18,000- 25,000/Hr
- Applicable Capsule :  #00,#0,#1,#2,#3
- Total Power : 3.31 Kw
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