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Rotary Dryer
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- In direct heat Rotary Dryers a continuous feed of wet particulate material is dried by contact with heated air, while being transported along the interior of a rotating cylinder / rotating shell acting as the conveying device and stirrer.
- SSP offers Rotary Dryers in co-current (Parallel) and counter-current operation.
- In the former the wet material is exposed to the hottest air which enables heat sensitive or sticky material to be dried successfully.
- In counter-current operation, dried material is exposed to the hottest air helping to achieve very low moisture content.
- The hot gas may enter at a very high temperature as high as 16000C.

- Ammonium Sulphate
- Citric Acid
- China Clay
- Mineral Sand
- Sodium Sulphate
- Effluents mixture
- Coal dust and Coke
- Saw dust
- Mehndi/Henna
- Bagasse.
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Contact Person: Mr. Anik Roy
City: Faridabad
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