Rapid Mixer Granulator (RMG)
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   Product Description

- Rapid Mixer Granulator is extensively used in the pharmaceutical industry to transform fine heterogeneous powders and recipients into homogeneous
   blend with a binder or wetting agent. The resulting granules are of a size and density to improve flow and compatibility for the tableting process.
Salient Features
- Impeller lifting to a height of 150mm from bowl bottom for easy cleaning.
- Lifting, swiveling and tilting of lid assembly by 90  for easy cleaning of lid internals.
- Modular Design for chopper blades for optimum results.
- Spray nozzle and peristaltic pump for binder granulating liquid addition.
- Jacket for cold/ hot water circulation.
- Integrated cleaning system for WIP & CIP.
- PLC based control with recipe administration and visualization.
- Suitable for container and vacuum transfer product infeed.
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