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Rapid Mixer Granulator (RMG)
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Rapid Mixer Granulators (RMG) are primarily used for tablet manufacturing process  which requires homogenous mixing.
- Controlled granule size and at the same time assuring great reduction in processing time.
- These apart, cGMP models demand utmost hygiene standard that can only be achieved on RMG.
- The bowl has a flat circular base and the diameter of the bowl at the mid-region is comparatively larger in size, gradually tapering off towards the top in
   the shape of a cone.
- This particular configuration helps in proper mixing of cohesive powders.
- Cohesive powders tend to develop lumps during the mixing process, and are taken care of by a high speed granulator (chopper).
- This chopper is horizontally inserted through the bowl at side of the bowl bottom to break the lumps thus formed and blend the powder with great
- Spinning of material close to the bottom of the mixing bowl and chopper blade sets the entire mixing process in whirling and tumbling motion.
- Different types of chopper blades are provided for different application.
- Granulating blades rotate at very high speed of about 2800-3000 rpm for intense mixing.
- GMP models are constructed with SS 316 quality. Electrical control panel consisting of switchgears, fuses, motor starter, push buttons, ammeters
   indicating lamps, pressure switch etc. is enclosed in stainless sheet metal panel and mini PLC that shows operation in progress in MIMIC.
- Models available to handle 1 kg. batch to 1000 kg. of product.
   Promas Engineers Pvt. Ltd.   
Contact Person: Mr. B. B. Gatkal
City: Mumbai
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