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Rapid Mixer Granulator (RMG)
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   Technical Specifications
Model:  RMG2500
Gross Capacity (Ltrs):  2580
Working Capacity (Ltrs):  2200
Material Of Construction (For Unit):  As per GMP Norms
Flame Proof Electricals:  Available On Demand
PLC Controls:  Available On Demand
Customization:  Available On Demand
   Product Description

Salient Features
PLC Based Control

  Alternate to push button control, PLC based panels are provided to include :
- Programs for automatic cleaning of the machine.
- Programs for automatic on/off at preset timing for main impeller & chopper.
- Program facility with memory to automatically control liquid addition & granulation end point.
Spray System

- As part of ongoing improvement in granulation technology, Bectochem's RMGs have been retrofitted with a binder dosing pump interconnected to off
  centre spray nozzles to ensure even and controlled doses of solvents and water based binding agents. This leads to faster process times, reduced  
  wastage and uniform granulation.

Unique Impeller lift System

- Our unique telescopic arrangement for the main impeller allows for greatest ease in product change over and during CIP without undertaking the earlier
  tedious procedure of having to dismantle the main impeller. Evolutionary engineering by BECTOCHEM comes to the fore in this upgrading of our

Materials Handling

- For in-situ product transfer by IBC which reduces manpower and dusting for better GMP compliance. The materials handling device is a standalone
  platform with an integral hydro electric unit to ensure smooth operation.

Jacketed Bowl

- The jacketed bowl version of the High Shear Rapid Mixer Granulators provides controlled heat injection to produce strong granules. This provides
  uniform batch to batch temperature profile thereby assisting the processing of heat sensitive materials.
Main Bowl
- Precision engineered to minimize the clearance between the bowl and main impeller. The impeller has 3 blades and rotates in the bottom of the bowl.
  The powder is swept into a controlled vortex flow pattern to maximize the mixing effect. A two speed chopper ensures outstanding mixing of various
  type of materials.
Clean in Place
- A CIP manifold built into the system washes all exposed surfaces including main chamber, shaft seal, and chopper blade without external water hoses.
  The system is pressurized by an in-situ centrifugal pump.


- Sight Glass
- Charging Port
- Liquid Port / Spray Nozzle
- Counterbalance for Bowl Cover
- Chopper Motor to Speed
- Control Panel
- Material Charging Lift (Option)
- Impeller Motor to Speed
- Pneumatic Discharge Port
- Wet Granulator (Option)

   Bectochem Conslt & Engr. Pvt. Ltd.   
Contact Person: Mr.Sanjay Jadhav
City: Mumbai
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