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Contact Person: Mr. Sunil Acharya
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Products By Sunmach Machinery
  • Homogenizer

    Salient Features     - Stirrer/ Homoginizer available with fix & adjustable stand.- Ranging from 0.5 hp to 7.5 hp model or as per your requirement.- Propelled/ pedal type stirr ... more

  •  Company: Sunmach Machinery Viewed : 903 times
  • Single Sided Rotary Tablet Press

    Salient Features   - Simplicity of operator safety & easy of maintenance. - Suitable for medium batch production.- Maximum output of 58000 tablets per hour.- Capable to press tablets up ... more

  •  Company: Sunmach Machinery Viewed : 1031 times
  • Planetary Mixer

    Salient Features       - Product bowl mounted on castor wheels for easy portability, washing, & transporting mixed materials.- Choice of different designed of beaters ... more

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  • Double Cone Blender

    Salient Features- Efficient & versatile mixer.- Ideal for mixing powders and homogeneous lubrication of granules.- S.S. baffles are provided.- Safety guards provided with limit switch interlocked ... more

  •  Company: Sunmach Machinery Viewed : 982 times
  • Colloid Mill

    Salient Features    - Three way cock system for drain and recirculation of liquids provided as standard.- DOL starter with overload relay.- Contact part from SS 304 can be easily disman ... more

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