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Contact Person: Mr. Balwinder Singh
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Products By Ram Hari Engineers
  • Dies & Punches

    Salient Features         - We manufacture multi tip dies and punches are used for compressing more than one tablet at each station. - Made by using advanced CAD ... more

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  • Dies & Punches

    Salient Features               - Bolus /Slug Tablet Punch is highly reliable and durable. - Manufactured under the supervision of ... more

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  • Dies & Punches

    Salient Features - The wide range of odd shape tooling dies and punches we manufacture are ideal to be used in making uneven and odd shaped products. - Made as per laid industry norms and standar ... more

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  • Dies & Punches

    Salient Features             - We manufacture core rod toolings punch die sets that produce tablets having hole in center.- Core rod tooling ... more

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  • Dies & Punches - Sealed Grove Punch Die Sets

    Salient Featrures         - We also manufacture sealed grove punch die sets.- Granule contamination during the tabletting process can cause costly manufacturing ... more

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