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Products By M&C Group
  • Conveyors

    Salient Features - The Belt Conveyor is ideally used for assembly line operations, inspections, testing, sorting, and packing. Can be floor supported or ceiling hung.- M & C Group supplies th ... more

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  • Cartooning Machine : CFG Carton Former

    Salient Features - Dual style formers run up to 140 blanks per minute- Built for 24/7 applications- CAM controlled functions insure smooth and quiet operation- Quick-change head tooling saves tim ... more

  •  Company: M&C Group Viewed : 399 times
  • Collating Machine : Card/Kit Collator

    Salient Features - High speed, accurate Pick n' Place® systems that combine multiple placers into high-speed collating systems- Bulk items - bottles, pouches, plastic parts - are also automat ... more

  •  Company: M&C Group Viewed : 300 times
  • Cartooning Machine : Stealth II

    Salient Features - Speeds in excess of 400 CPM- Enhanced HMI including integrated vision and batch record recording- Compact footprint- Conforms to ANSI safety and cGMP guidelines- Tool-less chan ... more

  •  Company: M&C Group Viewed : 364 times
  • Self Adhesive Labeling System

    Salient Features        - Products: Shipping Corrugated cartons- Dimensions cartons: 430mm X 305mm X 180mm- Dimensions labels: 120mm X 210mm, 102mm X 153mm- Label po ... more

  •  Company: M&C Group Viewed : 739 times