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Contact Person: Mr. S. V. Panchal
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Products By Khodiyar Industries
  • Octagonal Blender

    Salient Features     - Easy for loading and unloading. - Ease of Cleaning - M.O.C - a.Contact parts: S.S 316/S.S 304 - b.Non Contact parts : S.S.304 - Flameproof Motor is also availab ... more

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  • Multi Mill

    Salient Features - Designed for continues wet or dry granulation- Beater and chopper blades made of SS316.( or SS304)- Easy to dismantle and clean- Beater drive equipped with reversible switch- C ... more

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  • Vibro Sifter

    Salient Features    - It is used for sieving the dry raw material in powder form before mixing. It is suitable for separating the foreign particles from dry powder.- The material to be ... more

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  • Ribbon Blender

         .    Salient Features     - Available from 5 liters to 5000 liters.- Available in different grades of stainless steels.- Also available in G ... more

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  • Belt Conveyor

    Salient Features    - We design and manufactured various types of Belt Conveyor, which are classified as stationery, portable & mobile.- We also design Special Purpose Conveyor. Our ... more

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