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Contact Person: Mr. AMIT PATEL
Contact No: +91 - 9727748806
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  • Oscillating Granulator

    Salient Features - Maximum efficiency and compact design- Confirming to cGMP norms- Suitable for online operations- High output with uniform granular size- Easy maintenance and high cleanability- ... more

  •  Company: KAMBERT MACHINERY Viewed : 1050 times
  • Tube Filling,Sealing & Crimping Machine

    Salient Features - Can handle any type of tubes viz aluminium collapsible, lami, co-extruded plastic tubes- Easily accessible still very well protected- Tubes size adjustment by up & down mov ... more

  •  Company: KAMBERT MACHINERY Viewed : 772 times
  • Cleaning Machine

    Salient Features - Higher output- Useful For ampoules, vials, injection ampoules and similar receptacles- Greatly intensifies the cleaning process- All cleaning medium carrying parts made of Stai ... more

  •  Company: KAMBERT MACHINERY Viewed : 824 times
  • Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine

    Salient Features - Maximum efficiency with minimum breakage or rejections- Overhung construction- Linear conveying system- Reliable precision filling (without wetting the tip)- Ergonomically soun ... more

  •  Company: KAMBERT MACHINERY Viewed : 858 times