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General Machinery Company   
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Contact Person: Ms. Soni
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Products By General Machinery Company
  • Double Cone Blender

    Salient Features       - Double Cone Blender: models from 5 kg to 1000 kg most cost effective used for dry syrup & capsules. ... more

  •  Company: General Machinery Company Viewed : 814 times
  • Vibro Sifter

    Salient Features       - Reduced power consumption as compared to conventional sifter. - Better throughput due to springs amplified vibrations. - Vibrations are not trans ... more

  •  Company: General Machinery Company Viewed : 1024 times
  • Colloid Mill

    Salient Features    - Conical rotor & stator assemblies with mismatched serrations, rotating at high speed, providing the necessary shear action for milling the product.- Service: P ... more

  •  Company: General Machinery Company Viewed : 825 times
  • Octagonal Blender

    Salient Features    - 5kg to 2500kg comparatively lower power requirement 60% working capacity, charging & Discharging is a dust free arrangement.- Very cost effective & conveni ... more

  •  Company: General Machinery Company Viewed : 847 times
  • Planetary Mixer

    Salient Features   - Homogenize mixing of dry powders & wet dough of various ingredients of different viscosities, densities, in different proportions.- Mixing of solid- solid, liquid-so ... more

  •  Company: General Machinery Company Viewed : 888 times
  • Storage Vessels

    Salient Features            - Four vessel interconnected design oil phase/water phase/ Manufacturing/storage vessels for 100 kg to 1000kg. Batch sizes.- Manufacturing ves ... more

  •  Company: General Machinery Company Viewed : 764 times
  • Blister Packing Machine

    Salient Features    - High competence and experience in package design.- Optimum utilization of machine capacity.- Higher possible out put with minimum possible packaging material consu ... more

  •  Company: General Machinery Company Viewed : 767 times
  • Oscillating Granulator

    Salient Features    - Service: -Preparation of dry granules from compacted dry mass - Model / Size: - Lab model and Production Model. - Capacity / Output: - 25kg/hr to 150Kg/hr (Dependi ... more

  •  Company: General Machinery Company Viewed : 1189 times
  • Strip Packing Machine

    Salient Features    - Advance technology.- High speed and uninterrupted performance.- Low maintenance cost.- Versatile: Uncoated plain or layered tablets, hard gelatin capsule, lozenges ... more

  •  Company: General Machinery Company Viewed : 1057 times