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Contact Person: Mr Bhavesh Ghela
Address: 113,New Modella Ind. Est,Padwal Nagar,B/H-
Area: Automatic Electric Co.,B/H Maharashtra Nagar
Pin Code: 400604
Contact No: +91-9987518783
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  • Semi Automatic Volumetric Filling Machine

    Salient Features - Available in 2 or 4 head models - Filling range from 1 ml to 1000ml. (with the help of different syringes) - Accurate and continuous filling of all type of free flowing liquid ... more

  •  Company: FILLTECH PACKAGING MACHINES Viewed : 639 times
  • Semi Automatic Sealing Machine

    Salient Features - Suitable for ROPP/PP/Screw Caps. - The unit consists of two rollers/die for sealing various size and shape of the bottles . - It is mounted on sturdy M.S. stand duly painted an ... more

  •  Company: FILLTECH PACKAGING MACHINES Viewed : 610 times
  • Turn Table

    Salient Features - Available in 3 Model 24" , 36" & 48". - The plateform is made from MS Plate and cladded with SS Sheet. - It is provided with guard & guide rail to direct & divert t ... more

  •  Company: FILLTECH PACKAGING MACHINES Viewed : 635 times
  • Inspection Table

    Salient Features - The table is designed for visual inspection of filled & sealed bottles before the same are passed on for labeling operation. - The capped bottles enter on the slat conveyor ... more

  •  Company: FILLTECH PACKAGING MACHINES Viewed : 640 times
  • Packing Conveyors

    Salient Features - The unit is fabricated from S.S.304 Quality of material with matt finish.. - Conveyor Belt is supplied with 2 speed pulley. - Conveyor belt is used as a PVC coated canvas belt ... more

  •  Company: FILLTECH PACKAGING MACHINES Viewed : 707 times
  • Sparkler Filter Press

    Salient Features - Output: 500 to 3000 litres/hr depending upon Model. - Model: 8",14",18" - The unit consists of a strong stainless steel tank with top cover, SS handle, Pressure gauge and tight ... more

  •  Company: FILLTECH PACKAGING MACHINES Viewed : 621 times
  • Zero Hold Up Filter Press

    Salient Features - Model: 8",14",18" - Complete filtration of the batch without any hold up due to reverse flow of liquid hence large saving in time & cost - Back wash facility can be provide ... more

  •  Company: FILLTECH PACKAGING MACHINES Viewed : 590 times
  • Colloid Mill

    Salient Features - The Colloid Mill is an ideal and perfect Homogenizer cum Emulsifier. - The mill is driven by a special Vertical motor of 2900 rpm. - Circular ring shaped stator assembly having ... more

  •  Company: FILLTECH PACKAGING MACHINES Viewed : 600 times
  • Homoginizer/Stirrer

    Salient Features - The homogenizers/stirrers are useful for making suspensions, emulsions and homogeneous solutions.- They are very useful in food and pharma industries for making syrups, juices, ... more

  •  Company: FILLTECH PACKAGING MACHINES Viewed : 672 times
  • Process Vessel/Storage Tank

    Salient Features - Tank is made out of 16 to 10 swg as per requirement. - Tank is fabricated from SS 304/ SS 316 quality of material and is argon arc welded with mirror/matt finish. ... more

  •  Company: FILLTECH PACKAGING MACHINES Viewed : 550 times