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Biolinx Labsystems Pvt. Ltd.   
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Contact Person: Mr. Akshay Khandor
Contact No: 9328777802
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Products By Biolinx Labsystems Pvt. Ltd.
  • Autoclaves

    Our autoclaves feature large stainless steel sterilization chambers,accommodating a variety of liquids, media, instruments, glassware,plasticware and other common laboratory items. These models includ ... more

  •  Company: Biolinx Labsystems Pvt. Ltd. Viewed : 456 times
  • Barcode Scanners

    “Small footprint / high speed” barcode readers for 2D marked sampletubes stored in tube racks.  The SampleScan Mini scans a tube rack andoutputs barcode data file within 4-6 seconds.  The sc ... more

  •  Company: Biolinx Labsystems Pvt. Ltd. Viewed : 438 times
  • Centrifuges

    Our centrifuge systems deliver outstanding performance and reliabilityin the lab. From microcentrifuges and benchtop instruments, to advancedfloor models and innovative carbon fiber rotors - all offer ... more

  •  Company: Biolinx Labsystems Pvt. Ltd. Viewed : 464 times
  • Homogenizers/ Overhead stirrers

    Our range of benchtop homogenizers set the performance standard forpersonal sized cell disruption and lysis instruments. Simultaneoushomogenization of up to 3 samples takes place (often within 45 seco ... more

  •  Company: Biolinx Labsystems Pvt. Ltd. Viewed : 479 times
  • Glassware Washers

    Miele's under-counter and large laboratory glassware systems offer aperfect solution for validated cleaning of culture plates, test tubes,petri dishes, BOD bottles and other testing items with repeata ... more

  •  Company: Biolinx Labsystems Pvt. Ltd. Viewed : 460 times