Powder Samplers
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   Product Description

Silent Features of Powder Samplers

- Standard single-sample design. One unit dose sample is obtained at each sample ports.
- Samplers with interchangeable dies of 40 different sizes (0.1 cc to 4.0 cc in increment of 0.1 cc).
- Any number of sample ports may be blocked with blank dies as per user’s requirement.
- Samplers are easily cleanable with removable conical end piece.
- Inner shaft is hollow to make the sampler lighter.
- S.S.316 construction
- 0.875” in diameter.
- The bottom most port starts at 1.5” from the tip.
- Stock sizes are 1 ft with 5 ports, 2 ft with 10 ports, 3 ft with 6 ports, 4 ft with 8 ports and 6 ft with 12 ports.


- Dies can be supplied of FDA approved Delrin material.

Sampling Accessories:

Stand -  It facilitate to retrieve the dies from the sampler
Storage Tube - It protects the sampler from being damaged.
Die removal Tool - It is required to be able to remove the dies from the sampler
Brush Kit - It is used to clean the outer and inner tubes of the sampler.

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