Planetry Mixer
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Applications (For Dry & Dough Mixing) Promastm Plm Is An Ideal Mixer For The Products Of Different Viscosities, Densities, Shapes &
- The Major Use Includes The Production Of Latexes, Adhesives, Personal Care & Cleaning Products, Dispersion & Micro-Dispersion Of
   Chemicals & Agricultural Pesticide Formulations.
- It Is Suitable For Mixing / Blending Powders As Well As Thorough Mixing Of Ointments, Creams, Lotions, Toothpastes, Resins, Slurries,
   Ceramics, Colours, Pigments, Rubber & Other Compounds Etc.
- Working Principle Promastm Plm Consists Of A Single Blade Or Double Blade With A High Speed Dispersion Blade (Emulsifier/Homogenizer).
- Intimate & Homogeneous Mixing Of Products Is Achieved By Planetary Motion Of Beaters & Centrally Located High Speed Dispersion Blade
   For Vacuum Jacketed Mixer Units.
- The Plm Consists Of Two Open Beaters Moving In Planetary Motion, Scraper Blade & Centrally Located High Speed Homogenizer Run By A
   Separate Motor To Manufacture Ointments, Creams, Suspensions Etc.
- Features All Contact Parts - Aisi-304 Or 316, 304l Or 316l Jacketed Bowls Can Be Provided For Heating / Cooling Of Products During Mixing.
- Bowl Mounted On Castor Wheels For Easy Mobility.
- Provision To Mix Products Under Vacuum For De-Aireation Purpose.
- Mechanical Seal Is Provided Instead Of Stuffing Box For Shaft Sealing For Vacuum Operation.
- Teflon Scrappers Are Provided To Avoid Localized Heating Or Cooling & Ensure Uniform Mixing.
- Top Drive & Agitator Assembly Can Be Lifted & Lowered By Motorized As Well As Hydraulic Systems.
- Smaller Version Of Planetary Mixers Are Provided With Lifting Arrangement For The Bowl Instead Of Top Drive & Agitator Assembly.
- Pneumatic System Is Also Available For Lifting & Lowering Top Drive & Agitator Assembly For Smaller Version Of Planetary Mixers.
- Flame Proof Control Panel As An Optional. Spare Bowl Is Provided So That Maximum Production Can Be Achieved Without Losing Production
   Time. -Thus The Maximum Utilisation Of The Basic Machine For The Regular Production.
- Available In Standard / Gmp / Cgmp / Gamp / Glp / Different Designs Of Beaters Are Available To Suit The Mixing Requirements Of Wide
  Variety Of Materials.
- Single Beater Has A Planetary Motion Such That It Reaches All Parts Of The Bowl & Double Blades Continuously Push The Materials Along
   The Periphery Of The Bowl, Removing Materials From The Bowl Sur Face & Bringing It To The Interior.
- High Shear & Local Energy Dissipation. Dispersing Low Density Solids.
- Easy To Clean. Requires Comparatively Smaller Area For Installation.
- A Separate Control Panel With Mimic.
- Specially Designed Pressure Plate With Double Grooved & O Rings For Discharging High Viscous Products By Hydraulic System With Power
   Pack Unit.
- Water Heating System Or Thermic Fluid (Oil) Heating System Can Be Provided.
- The Laboratory Model Plm Mixer With Homogenizer Is Also Available In Batch Sizes Of 2 To 5 Ltrs. With Various Types Of Mixing Blades.
- The Lab Model Units Are Available For Bench Mounting Or They Are Supplied On A Stainless Steel Trolley.
- A Number Of Options Such As Vacuum Pump, Heating & Cooling Systems, Etc., Can Be Provided.
- We Provide Quality Documents Like D.Q. / I. Q. / O.Q. & Operation Manuals With All Test Certificates.
- We Also Provide Test & Calibration Certificates With Each Instrument & Traceability To National & International Standards.
- Advantages Uniform Mixing & Homogenizing Because Of The Three Dimensional Product Motion Having Central Homogenizer & Anchor Blades
   With Scrapers.
- No Air Contamination Because Of Vacuum Operation.
- No Product Contamination Because Of The Sanitary Design.
- Minimum Residual Product Loss Because Of Anchor Craper Design & Suitable Sized Bottom Outlet.
- The Shaft Seals Are Mounted Above The Product, So No Possibility Of Contamination
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