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Salient Features
Special Coatings

- Based on the nature of the products e.g. abrasive, corrosive, special such as Ibuprofen, Fluoride inclusions etc., we recommend various types of
- A short description on the types of coating is given below:
Hard Chrome Plating (HCP)

- This is a low temperature electrolyte chrome plating process which can deposit a protective coating of hard chrome on to a variety of base materials to
   produce an attractive hard wearing low friction surface.

HCP Coating Characteristics
- Color : Silver
- Hardness : 68 HRc
- Friction Co-efficient : 0.156
- Surface Roughness : 0.25 Ra
- Thickness : 2 to 6 Microns
Advantages of HCP Coating

- High hardness.
- Excellent surface finish.
- Economical for thin deposit.
- Superb abrasion resistance.
- Very low friction.

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