On-Line Micronizer
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- The jet mill nozzles create the supersonic spiral and to transmit a deep acceleration, as well as kinetic energy, to the product particles to
  be micronised.
- The jet nozzles accelerate particles up to the speed of sound and consequently they collide with the other particles entering the milling
  chamber, resulting in cleavage of the particles.
- The smaller, lighter particles obtained leave the turbulent central part of the nozzles ring, whereas the larger heavier particles continue to
  be accelerated near the periphery until collisions reduce their size further.
- Using these nozzles, the discharge velocity will be supersonic -- greater than the critical or sonic velocity.
- To obtain the ultimate adiabatic expansion speed of gas and the highest discharge velocity, a convergent -divergent nozzle is used.
- The powder micronisation with jet mill is well known in the pharmaceutical & chemical fields due to the continuous and specific requirement
  of ultra- fine product (up to 1  microns). If optimised, this technology is easily adaptable to this field.
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