NMK Micro Dies & Punches
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   Product Description

Salient Feature

 - Since 2004 Natmak Pharma Machinery has laid the foundation of its reputation as a manufacturer of exceptional, healthy, reliable machinery and
   tooling with a global base. Also there has been major investment in technical and validation support services to enable us provide unrivalled service to
   our customers.
- Our enthusiastic team of expert engineers and customer service group offer a prompt reply and quick delivery.
- Our wealth of experience in Tableting means that we can always offer effective solutions to meet customer requirements and solve your production

- Each year, new customers come to Natmak Pharma Machinery for one primary reason: To get benefit and take an advantage from the leader in tooling
   industry can offer. Our customers have come to depend upon our superior quality punches and dies for excellent performance and long life. Natmak
   Pharma Machinery formula for success starts with the use of the highest quality tool steel from the world's finest suppliers ... and incorporates skilled
   tool and tablet design engineering, expert craftsmanship and a level of quality control that is unprecedented in the industry.
- Experience has shown that quality cannot be produced without the use of quality raw materials, manufactured to strict specifications. For example,
   Natmak Pharma Machinery exclusive uses electric furnace for uniformity and cleanliness. All pharmaceutical tooling is formed from OHNS or high
   chrome shock steel that must meet Natmak Pharma Machinery strict requirements.
- Keeping abreast of today's latest equipment, techniques and processes is no easy task. Not only dose the company invest continuously in the new
   technology; employees are constantly undergoing training and honing of their skills. They take genuine pride in the work they do and the equipment
   they use. Matching the finest machinists with the finest machinery makes for an unbeatable combination. And the production R&D Department
   redesigns and modifies machinery to further improve and speed productions.
Advance Tablet Prototyping

- Use of latest software IDEAS/CAD system coupled with our expert design engineers, allows both simple and complex designs to be rapidly developed
   and processed ensuring complete repeatability and accuracy.

- Fully documented inspection reports are produced at all the steps of manufacturing of the Tools, which confirm that your order has been inspected and
   is in accordance with the contract conditions.
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Contact Person: Mr. Pradeep Panchal
City: Ahmedabad
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