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Multi Mill
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- The machine is provided with a vertical rotor assembly with knife type swinging blades for pulverizing the lumps.
- The rotor is provided with two bottom scrapper blades for scrapping the material from the bottom plate and pushing it in  the upward direction towards
   the knife blades.
- It is provided with a circular perforated screen around the blades for better pulverizing action.
- The main shaft of the rotor assembly is coupled to a step pulley through a bearing housing which in turn is coupled to a suitable motor through a belt
- The speed of the rotor can be changed by changing the position of the belt in the step pulley.
- The speed selection is    to be made depending on the material and the final size of the particles.
- The complete assembly is mounted on a suitable pillar stand with a sturdy base and castors for movability.
- The multi mill is a highly versatile machine suitable for dry pulverizing of lumps to small particles of desired size by high shear action.
- The design is such that just by changing the screen the output particle size can be easily charged.
- Completely enclosed assembly for dust free pulverizing
- Rugged design for continuous operation
- Superior blade design for longer life and better cutting action.
- Speed variation possible for pulverizing different types of materials.

Technical Specifications

- M.O.C. : Contact parts S.S. 316/S.S. 304   Non-Contact Parts S.S. 304
- Knife Blades : 12 Nos
- Scrapper Blades : 2 Nos
- Screen : 263 mm I.D. X 140mm Ht, perforated screen 0.5 10mm hole size
- Motor : 3Hp, 1500 RPM
- Drive : Pulley driven with 4 step pulley (Optionally available with A.C. Frequency Controller)

   Ravi Kiran Industries   
Contact Person: Mr. Samir Sampat
City: Mumbai
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