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Multi Mill
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   Product Description

Salient Features

- Highly efficient mixer, granulator, pulverized working on four speed cone drive.
- Intermediate hopper with screen holding adaptor acts as a milling chamber.
- Better throughput due to multiple speeds.
- Can be connected upstream to IPC Container containing product & downstream to vibro sifter / IPC container/ RMG Bowl/ FBD Bowl for ensuring
   closed system of operation.
- Very Versatile use: - Pharmaceutical, herboceutical, cosmeceutical,neurtaceutical, spices, tea, coffee, chemical, paints, confectioneries, photochemical,
   phytochemicals, bio pharmaceuticals, ceramics.
- Sampling port available.
- Can be combined with vibro sifter & fixed loader holding IPC, Steam kettle, to form an efficient and closed system.
- Jacketing can be done optionally for processing at reduced/ elevated temperatures.
- Optionally speed can vary by A.C. frequency drive.

   Vinayak Pharma Technology   
Contact Person: Mr. Naresh Savaniya
City: Ahmedabad
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