Mass Mixer
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   Product Description

- Mass mixer is specially designed pharmaceutical machinery, that is used to blend both wet as well as dry material and it is best suitable for tablet
  granulation.It is also considered one of the best blending equipment and that is why it is used widely in various industries. Mass Mixers are perfect
  for mixing of pharmaceutical chemicals, powders, confectioneries, food etc.
- Now if we talk about the designing of the equipment, the equipment consists of paddle like blades for efficient granulation and mixing of material. 
  Pharmaceutical Mass mixers are also provided with leak proof seal tilting arrangement that makes the unloading of the material easy. These blades
  are placed in a horizontal position and have a single speed rotation. The machines are provided with transparent poly-carbonate dust cover with inter
  locking system to view the raw material being mixed. This motor driven machine is also equipped with safety switch to automatically stop the mixer
  as soon as the cover is opened.
Salient Features
- Mass mixers are available in standard and GMP model.
- Models are usually available as per the mixing capacity.
- Available width leaf type for ribbon type stirrer blade.
- Mass mixers are fitted with tilting device for unloading.
- Mass mixers are provided with easy movable lid, especially made of acrylic, for adding    paste material.
- Depending on the type of model, capacity, over flow capacity and working capacity can   differ.
- There is a specific range of mass mixers to suit working volume.
- Usually compact designing of mass mixers requires smaller floor space.
- All non contact parts of mass mixers are usually made out of mild steel.
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