Magi Cpm Capsule Pollising Machine
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- All stainless shell, hopper, and surface plate meeting FDA & cG.M.P. Requirements. 
- Excellent performance, excellent balances, low noise, and trouble free. 
- Non-Scratch capsule. 
- The inclination of polishing barrel and adjustable brush speed (adjust treating time for capsule
     Pollising)   .   
- Easy maintenance and clearance. 
- High capacity results in very less labor intensive.
- Longer brush cleans the dust on capsule.  
- Reject device for empty capsule & insufficient capsule. (Option)
- Polishing machine is used after capsules are filled for cleaning the powder attached on the capsules surface.
   Vinayak Pharma Technology   
Contact Person: Mr . Naresh Savaniya
City: Ahmedabad
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