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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Lifter is designed with considering the loading capacity 
- Lifter is specially designed for lifting of IBC / IPC / BINS
- IBC holding arm will be made of AISI 304
- Main structure will be made of AISI 304 and covered with SS 304 guard
- Main control panel will fixed on main pillar in construction of SS 304
- lifter is designed on hydraulic system.
- Mounting of lifter main structure is on base plate with bearing support at bottom and top end , bottom plate will be fixed on ground floor with anchor
   fastener Or Solid J bolt grouting.
- Top end of lifter main structure is on bearing and will be fixed in ceiling
- For up and down position of lifter there will be a limit switch for safety
- Surface finish will be matt 
- Front side will be covered with flexible belt 
- FLP Construction 
- PLC based control
- Additional locking and positioning
- Common lifting Arm for different Bin/IPC
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