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Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- All drive gears are sealed with four plexiglass doors inside the stand, which can keep away from the outside environment or better safety.
- All parts in contact with material in the chamber are made of stainless steel 316L, improving the quality of capsule and increasing convenience
   to change over installation with high accuracy and cleanliness
- All electrical controls including PLC control system and touch screen are enclosed in a separate S.S.304 cabinet like the profile shows or
  typically designed in construction.
- A special cam design system in combination with pressure pulverization oil pump guarantees the sufficient lubrication to cam trough, decreasing
  abrasion, thus extending the service life of spare parts.
- Extended dosage disc in size ensures uniform powder flow inside and accurate powder filling.
- Extended cam separation mechanism ensures the turret and main machine run in smooth condition all times, guaranteeing the stability of
  mechanical drive and accuracy of powder filling.
- Equipped with safety device doors, it will automatically stop while opening the plexiglass door for inspection and maintenance.
- Adoption of capsule vacuum orientation mechanism leads to 99% capsule filling rate.
- Main cam lever supported with double bearing improves the chute dosage plate regulating mechanism. It features dosage plate datum line
  based on the lower plane, three-dimensional regulating mechanism, uniform space, ensuring the stable powder dosage with high accuracy.
- Attached with separate water-cycling vacuum pump and dust collector for powder collection while capsule opening, cleaning brushes and
  capsule moulds changeover etc.
Technical Specification
- Model : 20000
- Capacity/Hr : 120000
- No. of bores : 18 Station
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Contact Person: Mr.Prateek Modi
City: Indore
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