Fluid Bed Dryer (FBD)
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   Technical Specifications
Model:  EP-150
Gross Capacity (KGs):  120-150
Container Capacity (Ltrs):  500
Heating Capacity (KW):  60*
Steam Consumption Kg/Hr at 3 Kg cm Pressure:  130
Container Material of Construction:  AISI 316
Material Of Construction (Inside - Outside):  AISI 316
Material Of Construction (For Unit):  As per GMP Norms
Flame Proof Electricals:  Available On Demand
PLC Controls:  Available On Demand
Customization:  Available On Demand
Dimensions Length (mm):  1700
Dimensions Width (mm):  1850
Dimensions Height (mm):  3500
   Product Description

Salient Feature
- All contact parts are S.S. 316 as per GMP Standard.
- Uniform Drying at low temperature
- Intrinsically safe earthing system ensures complete elimination of static charge.
- 65% open perforated air distribution plates along with Dutch weave mesh.
- On line sampling Port.
- Fan motor unit & Filtration unit can be placed in remote areas.
- Heating mode electrical / steam / thermic fluid.
- Pneumatically operated inflatable seals provided for filter bag and product container sealing with pressure switches & FRL to ensure fail
  safe operation.
- Top mounted pneumatic cylinder (directly coupled ) for shaking (without wire rope system ).
- Minimum handling more Hygienic.
- 2.5kg. to 500kg. batch capacity.
- Top Spry Granulation
- Explosion relief disc.

- Explosion vent.
- Explosion vent is provided with rupture disk.
- Positive Earthing Device.
- Ensures complete elimination of static charge.
- Solid Flow monitor
- To prevent the product losses due to rupture of filter bag.
- The fluid bed drying technique is ideal for the rapid, even drying of chemical, pharmaceutical and food product.
- The material may be in granular, powder or crystalline form. Normally an initial moisture content up to 20% is ideal but materials with higher initial moisture content can be dried successfully.
- Elicon Fluid Bed Dryer comes along with all documentation like DQ, IQ, OQ, and FAT as a part of standard procedure.
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