Swiss Pharma - Fluid Bed Dryer (FBD)
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Retarding & expansion chamber in single piece of faciltate hygenic cleaning. 
- Outlet and inlet withe control valve. 
- Wash in place.  
- Explosion flaps specially designed.  
- Temp. controller. 
- Avilable with Air Dehumidification if needed.
- Pre-Air filtaration with 20 micron filters. 
- High pressure backward curve blower 
- Safe system of earthing with low voltage. 
- PLC monitor with printer(Optional) 
- Air filtaration with HEPA(0.3 ) micron filters (Optional)
- Secondary AIR Filtaration with 5 micron filters. 
- Dust monitor to detect leak on filter bag for avoiding air pollution & loss of material. 
- Pneumatically inflamated gasket for bowl sealing. 
- Steam radiator in SS to SS construction. 
- Pneumatic bag shaking. 
- Air preparation in SS 304. 
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City: Mumbai
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