Fluid Bed Dryer
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Machine and the trolley are made in SS-316 construction.
- The lifting jack is housed in the inlet lower chamber (part of the main shell).
- It is of Stainless Steel 316 quality and is lined with neoprene grade rubber of suitable hardness for sealing with the product container.
- The lifting jack is fitted with a pneumatic lifting device, which consists of 2 numbers pneumatic cylinders along with control valves, pressure regulating
   device and air filter. Air pressure requirement is 4 kg/cm2.
- The expansion chamber has a guide for positioning the product container.
- The filter bag chamber is made from Stainless Steel sheets of 316 quality.
- The filter bag can be de-dusted manually or pneumatically.
- The air inside is circulated by the blower.
- It has an impeller with a backward curve type blade and the construction of which is 304.
- The impeller has a S.S. casting and is driven by Flame Proof or Non Flame Proof Motor.
- The dryer is Electrical/Steam Heated as desired. Heaters are of S.S. finned tubes tested to 6 kg/cm2 pressure.
- Mono Block construction.
- It is the latest innovation in the FBD design and conforms to GMP-Standards.
- Complete S.S. construction.
- One spare FBD Bowl with S.S. Trolley.
- Pneumatic lifting arrangement of product container with air filter and control valve.
- Automatic Pneumatic Shaking system of Bags with timers.
- Radiator made out of S. S. tube with fins in a S .S. enclosure.
- Solid flow-monitor to warn against any leak of powder through filter bag.
- The blower can be offered in S.S. construction.
- Air-filter housing in S.S. construction.
- Excess pressure flap is provided as a safety against built up pressure inside the shell.
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