Filter Press
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Salinet Features
- Sparkler type filter press consist of a filter cartridge assembly having SS filter plates, Support screen, interlocking Cups and fitted in the SS
   tank with pressure tight lid. It is provided with air vent, pressure gauge with suitable pump and motor.
- The whole unit is mounted on SS trolley with fiber Castor wheels for easy movement.
- Manufactured in SS 304/316 quality duly argon arc welded with mirror polished. It can be supplied with different type of pumps viz
- Gear/Centrifugal/lobe/Roto Pump depending on the liquid and output.
- Jacket optional for hot filtration, cooling.
- Provided with by pass system and safety valve.
- The liquid to be filtered is pumped to the tank where it enters into the individual plates.
- It passes through the filter media and crystal clear filtrate comes out through a central channel formed by interlocking cups.
- The cake formed between the plates can be obtained if required. 
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