Filter Press
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Central feeding of Unfiltered liquid ensures :
- Single pass clear filteration.
- Full Batch recovery of the filterate.
- No Scavenging of the filterate.
- Complete Cake retains on the Plate.
- Uniform distribution of cake on each plate.
- Reduce the cost of treatement of Catalyst, Toxic Chemicals.
- Less Exposure to the operating person.
- No contamination of the internal surface of the Shell.
Equal thickness of the Cake on each plate ensures
- Minimum amount of solvent required to wash the Active Material from the Cake.
- Reduce the cost of expensive solvents.
- Cake can be thoroughly dried either by compressed air or by inert Gas.
- Uniform Filter - Aid Bed can be formed.
Closed System ensures

- Filteration of Toxic, Hazardous, Explosive materials/ Unit can be sterilised.
Plate pack arrangement ensures

- Any type of filtering media singularly or in combination, can be used to achieve required micro efficiency.
- Easy removal and cleaning of the Cartridge Assembly.
Additional provision of External Tightening Arrangement Ensures

-Tightening of the Cartridge, Assembly during Filteration.
Working Pressure

- Minimum 0.1 Kg / Cm2 & maximum 10 kg/cm2
- The Cartridge assembly consists of plates, perforated screens, spacers and fitter media.
- Interlocking spacers internally form single pipeline.
- The unfiltered liquid is centrally fed under pressure from bottom inlet.
- The liquids spreads out equally on each plate fitted with filter media.
- Solids remain on filter media and clear.
- Filterate flows through precisely made holes on sides of plates and collects in the shell, which then comes out through the outlet.
- In this process, solids are evenly distributed on each plate.
- At the end of the cycle the cake can be dried by applying compressed air or inhert gas.
Material of Construction

- Stainless Steel : SS 304 / SS 316 / SS 316 L

- For hot filteration application S.S. Jacket can be provided around and at the bottom of the shell, for circulation of heat transfer media viz, hot water,
   Steam or thermic fluids.
- Pharmaceuticals, Perfumes, I.V. Fluids, Dyes & Chemicals, Activated Carbon, Pesticides, Cosmetics, Varnishes, Polymers, Resins & Paints, Sugar
   Syrup, Food, Plant Water Polishing, Fruit Juice, Soft drink, Beer & Liquors, Edible & Non-Edible Oils.
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