Ep Intermittent Codes
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Lower initial & operating costs Provide good quality precision codes-Easy to install on existing machinery-Quick drying inks suitable for
  virtually all surfaces Rechargable circular inking cartridge.
General Information
- The EP Series Contact Coders are compact electro-pneumatic coding machines, which are used to code the variable information information
  like Batch No.,Manufacturing Date, and Max. Retail Price, etc. on any flat surface.
- The EP series contact coders are electro-pneumatically operated.
- The air cylinder drivenprint head slides into the housing for inking and outside for coding.
- Easily changeable rubber stereos are mounted on rubber mat held sliding block on the print head.
- The stereos are grooved thus minimizing the chances of its falling off during operation.
- The inking system consists of a re-chargeable circular inking cartridge.
- The cartridge is enclosed allowing the use of fast-drying solvent-based inks for porous & non-porous surfaces.
- The printing pressure and inking pressure is adjustable allowing precise control of code quality and sharpness.
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