Hot Product Elmach - Flat Forming With Plug Assist.
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   Technical Specifications
Model:  EPI - 3010 PDA
Max. Foil Width:  max 300 mm
Forming Depth (mm):  max 14 mm
Electricals:   12 KW peak, 7 KW avg.
Weight:  2300 kgs
Dimensions Length (mm):  4250
Dimensions Width (mm):  1250
Dimensions Height (mm):  2000
   Product Description

Salient Features
- Servo driven independent Stations controlled by full function intelligent high speed plc
- User friendly touch screen mmi with recipe setting and product library functions for quick chnage over
- Seprate punch,perforation and embossing stations
- Listing of alarms and user friendly troubleshooting guide integrated  
- Compatible for downstream automation 
- Edge-T-Edge print registrations control 
- Setting of index and cold forming depth on mmi  
- Easy slide-in tools for punch, embossing, perforation 
Optional Features
- Pin hole detection system
- Non-Fill camera system
- Inkjet printing system 
- Splice detection
Technical Specifications
- Max. Forming Advance: 100 MM.
- Format Area: 284 MM X 92 MM.
- Speed: Up to 40 cycles/minute. (thermo-forming).
- Up to 35 cycles/minut(cold-forming).
- Output: Up to 240 blister/minute.
- Punch Cycles: Up to 120 per minute.
- Max. Pack Length Along Web: 100 MM.
- Min. Pack Length Along Web: 26 MM.
- Base Film Thermoformable: PVC,PVC with PE/PVDC,COC,ACLAR,PET.
- Cold Forming: Tri-laminated aluminium.
- Lidding Foil:  Heat sealable aluminium or paper.
- Product Feeding:  Oscillating feeder with feeding channel.
- Machine Speed:  40 cycle / min
- Air Consumption: 250 lpm. supply at 6 bar
- Cooling Water - 200 liters / hr. at 140c
   Elmach Packages (India ) Pvt. Ltd.   
Contact Person: Mr. Sudish
Address: 410 ,Hill View Industrial Estate
Area: off L.B.S Marg ghatkopar (W)
Pin Code: 400086
City: Ahmedabad
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