Drum Heaters
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   Product Description

Drum heaters consist of a cylindrical metal cover carrying the flexible heating elements. A 2 inches thick thermal lagging of glass wool provides insulation and the metal casing makes for a rugged unit that can be wrapped snugly around the drum.

They operate on 440 V AC supply.

The inner glass cloth which carries the elements achieves good contact with the drum surface and ensures good heat transfer and high thermal efficiency.

A base heater, also encapsulated in metal provides bottom heating. The Drum Heater is hinged, and is mounted on castors for convenience.

Heating Mechanics
The drum heater is designed so as to provide maximum heat flux at the bottom. This enables faster more uniform heating.

Sectional heating can be provided where partially filled drums have to be heated.

The external surface remains at a low temperature to enable safe handling of the heater even with bare hands. There are no hot spots.

The standard temperature control panel consists of 50 - 300oC thermostat with switch, fuses, socket, contactor etc. However special panels can be designed in case of specific requirements.

Wattage Range:
Cylindrical Heater: 4.5 KW & 6 KW
Base Heater: 15 KW

Features of Drum Heaters:
* Ease of Handling
* Snug fit avoiding hot spots
* Precise temperature control
* Castor wheels mounted for easy mobility
* Rugged metal exterior

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