Double Cone Blender
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   Product Description

Salient Features
-Low temperature drying under the state-of-vacuum inside.
-Very high efficient for uniform drying in a short time as co-efficient of thermal transmission is high.
-Dryer can be used for mixing / blending in its single unit.
-Solvent recovery can be carried out.
-Specially designed micro air filter can be provided on receiver while breaking vacuum for safety operation.
-Easy to clean.
-The discharge of the dried material is easy due to the conical configuration of the dryer & it is possible to fix vibrator.
-Nitrogen purging system is available for mechanical seal as well as for cleaning filter.
-Specially designed S. S. Rotary union is available for hot liquid inlet & outlet.
-A self-cleaning butterfly discharge valve.
-Mode of heating is indirect through steam / hot water or hot oil.
-Internal cartridge filter for fine powders with effective surface area.
-Available in STD / GMP / cGMP / GAMP / GLP / GCP & Lab Models.
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Contact Person: Mr. B. B. Gatkal
City: Mumbai
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