Double Cone Blender
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Double cone blenders are useful for mixing dry powders or granules.
- The unit is a especially useful for small portion of one product mix with larger portion of other.
- The blender is made of stainless steel and is mounted on mild steel stand.
- Unit is driven by a motor, through a gearbox.
- The mixing vessel is fitted with sliding angular blades from inside, for efficient mixing of powders.
Available in all sizes.
- 25 Kg. capacity/1 HP motor/3-phase
- 35 Kg. capacity/2 HP motor/3-phase
- 50 Kg. capacity/2 HP motor/3-phase
- 100 Kg. capacity/3 HP motor/3-phase
- 150 Kg. capacity/5 HP motor/3-phase
- 200 Kg. capacity/5 HP motor/3-phase
- 250 Kg. capacity /5 HP motor/3-phase
- 300 Kg. capacity/7.5 HP motor/3-phase
- 400 Kg. capacity/7.5 HP motor/3-phase
- 500 Kg. capacity/10 HP motor/3-phase
- “G.M.P. Model: M.S Body of the machine cladded with St. Steel sheet”
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