Colloid Mill
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- It works on the rotor stator principle. The complete assembly is provided with serrations for better mixing.
- Better   mixing can also be obtained by adjusting the gap between the rotor and the stator by the handle provided.
- The   product is subjected to a high shear action in the rotor stator assembly due to which the particle reduction takes place.
- The material is then pushed out through the outlet for further process or for recirculation.
- The mill is optionally provided with a cooling water jacket and a mechanical seal for leak proof operation.
- The calloid mill is suitable for homogenizing, mixing, emulsification, dispersion of liquids, ointment, creams, and other    similar difficult to mix products.

Technical Specification

- Motor : 3 HP, 2800 RPM
- Hopper Capacity    : 15 Ltrs
- Final Particle Size : 10-15 Microns


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Contact Person: Mr. Samir Sampat
City: Mumbai
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