Colloid mill
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- The Colloid Mill can be used as in line unit (horizontal execution) for the continuous operation in a process line, or with a funnel & circulation line
   (vertical execution).
- The Colloid Mill has a broad application range & is used in the Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical & Cosmetic Industries & even in water treatment
   plants. It operates successfully for products, which must be ground & well dispersed. It disintegrates particles faster & uniform swivelling without
   forming of agglomerates & for the homogenizing of products in one pass.
- The Mill develops not only hydraulic high pressure in the grinding tool section, but turbulence & cavitations which, then combined provide both a gentle
   grinding & the required impact, squeezing, cutting etc. Effects for the homogenizing of products & wetting out of powders, all in one pass.
- The centrifugal force of the rotor brings the material inside the mill. The rotor & stator combination with its exceptional large surface area provide both
   a gentle grinding & the required impact effect. A two way valve at the discharge connection of the Colloid Mill can either the processed material to
   inlet opening for rework or discharge the processed material.
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